Detailers and Pro Waxing versus You and DIY Waxing

Manufacturer-applied clearcoat or clear coat, according to detailers, requires a protective boost from protectants and sealants like wax, Teflon, or polymers. This is because while the paint in and of itself is more protected now than before the 1980s, when clearcoated paint became the standard, you can never be too careful.

Yes, it's now possible to simply wash your car everyday and have due diligence when it comes to dirt and whatnot in order to keep things like dust, mud, dead leaves, bird feces, or tree sap from seeping into the clearcoat and making your paint bubble and peel. Fixing corroded parts of your car can cost you upwards to thousands of dollars, after all.

What Waxes, Sealants, or Protectants Bring to the Table

  • A Sacrificial Layer Makes Sense: In order to keep your clearcoat from being damaged by dirt that sticks or bonds outright with the paint, there should be a sacrificial layer included. The layer of sealant, wax, or protectant can seal the deal and serve as a double clearcoat to your paint or a clearcoat for your clearcoat. The clearcoat might've been develop to emulate wax protection, but who will protect the protector if not an extra layer of protection it's supposed to emulate?
  • Wide Coverage and Minor Damage Camouflage: You can use certain waxes that are of the same color as your paint in order to hide or fill in minor scratches, cracks, or ruts on your car before you get them detailed. These waxes act just like those pens you can buy off of Home TV Shopping or the Internet that claim to fill in blemishes, making them disappear like magic. The wax hardens and appears like part of the paint in seamless fashion.
  • Prevent Oxidation to Keep Your Car Value from Dropping: Nothing ruins the car quite like oxidation. Incidentally, the process comes about when oxygen and heat combine together, turning iron to rust or corroding all sorts of different metals and plastics to ruination. This doesn't only happen to naked metal though. It also happens when your paint gets sufficiently damaged by the elements, with the paint corrosion soon exposing the metal underneath.
  • The Importance of Cleanup and Wax Jobs: Even the highest quality vehicle paint is susceptible to oxidation and corrosion if you're not a careful and meticulous car owner who knows how to take care of your vehicle. It's your responsibility to keep your car clean using products like KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo and sealing in that freshness or cleanliness like Saran Wrap with KevianClean Quick Wax.


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