Common Things that Motorists Neglect when Maintaining Their Car

Most motorists remember to check their filters, change their oil, get a tire check at the gas station, and wash their cars thoroughly and regularly to avoid future headaches and money problems with car detailing costs. That's a given.

You might remember that tire checks improve gas mileage by 10 cents per gallon or 3.3%. You may use KevianClean waterless car cleaning products that you only need to spray onto your wet car and then apply with a rag like wax to clean up a car. However, even the most careful car owners forget things that are also important for your car lifespan.

Car Maintenance that Motorists Forget

Careful Washing, Brake Dust, and Tire Black: Most car owners want to get car washing over with as soon as possible, so they drive through drive-thru car washes as if they're ordering a burger to go or quickly spray, lather, then rinse the car in record time without taking care to wipe off the dirt at every nook and cranny. Most importantly you should rinse out any forming layers of brake dust on their wheels and rims weekly and apply tire black to your tires for good measure.

Radiator Caps and Gas Caps: Many motorists remember to check their radiator for leakages or add water to it when it's hot out so that they don't end up with an overheating car (which tends to damage the engine itself or affect the performance of the battery). Most motorist neglect possible leakages from the caps.

You can buy improved radiator caps that enable your cooling system to run at high temperatures prior to the boiling point. You should also check the gas caps for damage like looseness and cracks because the gas can escape from your tank as vapor.

Tire Pressure from the Spare: Aside from keeping fuel from getting wasted as emissions by broken caps or poor car cleanup, you should also check the tire pressure of every last tire you have, including your spare tire. Improperly inflated tires add rolling resistance.

This makes your engine work harder and age faster. The more properly inflated your tire the less likely your motor will have to waste fuel and energy in moving your vehicle, even when it comes to your spare tire.

Additional Points

Don't drive through salted roads as much as possible since road salts are as corrosive as (if not more so than) brake dust. On top of cap inspections, check your thermostat if it's working properly as well.

Remember that temperature changes can change the pressure of your tires as well. Half the inflation pressure of the tire can be lost yet the tire won't appear flat to the naked eye, so don't wait until it looks flat to inflate it or check its pressure. The  car sidewall tells you the optimum tire pressure for your make and model of vehicle.

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