Is Cleaning Enough or Is Expensive Auto Detailing Inevitable?

No middle class car owner wants to pay for car detailing if they can help it. They still have to worry about paying for their mortgage, their car loan, and their student loan to worry about "frivolous" expenses like car detailing!

Besides, they still have to save their money for things like an oil change and cleanup of the air conditioner to have to pay for car detailing that gets rid of dings, scratches, peeling paint, cracked paint, and brake pad dust buildup on your wheels and rims. A car wash every week at a car wash lot or as a DIY activity is enough... right?

To Detail or Not to Detail

It Can Wait: If you're not exactly overflowing with dough, then you can wait when you have enough money to do detailing work or put a special hi-tech ceramic or quartz protective coat over your wheels to avoid brake dust corrosion.

However, lack of money doesn't absolve or excuse you from cleaning out those rust-proof rims and hubcaps anyway of brake dust every week to prevent corrosion. You can even use the correct car care products as long as the label indicates they're safe for usage on magnesium or aluminum wheels.

Don't Penny-Pinch Too Much: There are times when you need to bite the bullet and just shoulder the cost of detailing to prevent the even more expensive prospect of replacing whole wheels from your car.

Also, as far as maintenance is concerned, you shouldn't settle for the cheapest cleaners. Search specifically for pH neutral cleaners that neutralize the iron deposits from the friction occurring between your wheel axle and brake pads that tend to attach or scratch out the rims as thoroughly as sandpaper.

Prevent the Need for Detailing by Careful Driving: Minimize those dings and avoid salted roads so that you'll spend less on both car washes and car detailing in the future. Maintenance of your vehicle also entails being non-abusive to your car so that it can last a little longer than 10 years or so (your mileage may vary, as the old chestnut goes).

You should also use the cruise control feature of your car if it's available whenever you can. Also use your air conditioning only when you absolutely need to.

Taking care of your car will help you prevent escalating your car maintenance from low-maintenance car washes every week to car detailing and protective waxes that can cost you upwards of hundreds of dollars. Finally, keep your car always clean by using KevianClean Quick Wax for a nice, beautiful shine.

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