Cleaning Your Car Interior is Good for Your Health

For your health's sake, clean the interior of your car. Don't let mold and mildew grow as well as dust cake all over your dashboard and console. Your seats shouldn't be greasy, sticky, and gross either.

You could end up with bacterial infection or a respiratory problem. Your eyes might have problems seeing the road with a streak-filled or muddy windshield from the inside.

Most importantly, those hospital bills that are out-of-pocket expenses are easier to pay when your interior is cleaned up with products such as KevianClean Interior Defense.

The Steps to a Clean Car That's Good for Your Health

  • Remove Mats and Vacuum: Remove your floor mats and clean them outside to prevent their dirt from resulting in bacterial propagation. You should also use a car vacuum on your floor and seats for good measure so all that those allergy-inducing dust mites and plain ol' dust are out of sight and mind. Vacuum the floor mat separately or even hose them down (from the outside and not while they're in the car, mind you) if they're filthy rubber mats. Air dry them accordingly instead of using the sun on them.
  • Brush the Doors and Dashboard: You also need to remove more dust and dirt on the upper parts of your car interior like your dashboard and doors. Afterwards, vacuum them for good measure with a soft brush attachment, especially your A/C vents. This will keep your lungs from inhaling anything bad. It's also good for your nose and sinuses as well since dustiness is where that old musky smell usually comes from. You can also use compressed air to blast the dust away for later vacuuming.
  • Spray Clean Your Seats and Doors: Use an environment-friendly, residue-free product like KevianClean Interior Defense to spray on and wipe clean your doors and seats. It should universally work excellently on various types of surfaces and upholstery, from leather to vinyl to plastic. Rub intensely after spraying with a dry cloth or microfiber towel to completely remove dirt and grease before they have a chance to really stick and discolor your car interior. The beauty of car products is that they're less likely to damage common upholstery materials.
  • How About Laundry Detergent? In a pinch, you might be able to use laundry detergent to clean your car interior but with certain caveats. It's not as good as interior-specific cleaners like KevianClean Interior Defense. Some detergents, like those with bleach, can outright stain and damage your leather or vinyl upholstery. You also have to worry about soap residue cleanup. If you really have to use laundry detergent, you should get a glass of warm water and pour a spoonful of detergent on it. Use that as your cleaner.

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