4 Easy Tips to Clean Your Car Interior

The first thing you need to do with a musky car that hasn't been cleaned in a week or two is to wipe down all plastic with a cloth. It helps with the musk, especially if you have a lemon-scented product to help clean it up or a dual cleaner and protector like KevianClean Interior Defense.

A damp cloth with water will suffice but it will take more elbow grease and multiple cleanings to not leave your dashboard and console all muddy with caked dust. Be careful when wiping down everything, because mistakes will result in wasted effort or product. Also, use a glass cleaner and paper towels to wipe down the interior glass of your vehicle.

Methods to Avoid Cleanup Madness

  • Be More Methodical: When cleaning your car, it's all about bringing order to chaos. If your cleaning method is chaotic instead of methodical, you'll defeat the purpose of cleanup and end up with a bigger mess to clean. So be more methodical with your cleanup. Start with huge litter like magazines and bottles, go into detail with vacuuming and wipe downs, and then go into minutiae like leather seat cleaning and using Q-tips to clean the vents of your A/C.
  • Glass Cleanup and Proper Vacuuming: When cleaning glass, use ammonia or some ammonia-based cleaner for streak-free cleaning. You should also go about cleaning things from windshield to side windows to the back window and to the sun or moon roof if you have one. Afterwards, vacuum your car properly by using a brush attachment to agitate the dust and make them easier to suck at every nook and cranny. Also do this to your leather seats prior to cleanup with your leather cleaner for easier cleaning.
  • Scrub and Shampoo: You can either wipe your car interior dry with the Interior Defense or go the scrub and shampoo route until you see rocks and dirt coming off. Regardless of the method, you can alternate wipe downs and shampooing with the vacuum in order to let the latter take care of the solid waste while the former absorbs the rest, like grease and muck. After cleaning your interior, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how the musk has seemingly disappeared.
  • For Persistent Odors: If you're dealing with persistent odors, you can first air your car out in your garage by opening all the doors to let the mustiness escape. From there, you can either mask the scent with a fragrant spray or those pine cone air fresheners. You also have the option of using activated charcoal in order to effectively eliminate the slightest hint of stink since the charcoal absorbs most if not all the lingering odor for you.

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