Cleaning and Fixing Scuffed Leather

If your vinyl or leather seats have scratches, scuffmarks, or areas wherein the surface color has been removed somehow, then refinishing might be in order.

Most European leather seats are famous for their tendency for scuffmarks on the left bolster of the seat that's caused by belt loops as you get in and out of the car chair.

After cleaning the seat with some requisite KevianClean Leather Cleaner or the more all-purpose KevianClean Interior Defense, you can follow it up with a special colorant and finish for flexible surfaces.

They come in many different colors that you can mix and match with the color of your car seat (usually grey, but can also be some shade of brown or black).


More about Fixing Scuff Marks on Your Leather

  • What Can Be Refinished? Any vinyl or leather surface can be refinished. It's however not recommended for any area to be spot-finished. If the scuff marks are caused by belt loops over your seat bolsters, refinishing should be done on the entire front of the seat instead of just the affected area. It's particularly recommended for you to dye from welting to welting because this allows a visual break that doesn't make the non-refinished areas appear shabby or stick out like a sort thumb.
  • Finish the Whole Thing to Ensure Everything Matches: Once you finish a seat why not do the whole thing? Or you can do the whole dash or the whole door panel or every last seat and panel? This ensures that everything matches. You start by conditioning the leather with the appropriate leather conditioner. This makes the leather become hydrated with emollient oils. Afterwards, after conditioning is done and the leather is softened, then clean the area to prep it for refinishing.
  • Refinishing Can Be Done with a Degreaser: An auto wash degreaser with a citrus smell can serve as an excellent refinisher that makes all your leather scuff marks literally disappear (or your money back). Just use a spray-on product on any lint-free cloth or microfiber towel then wipe down the surface or surfaces. Repeat the process for a few minutes until you're finished with your refinishing. Afterwards, rinse several times with a bucket of clean water and a sponge.
  • Post-Refinishing Activities: After rinsing and cleaning your recently refinished car seat, dashboard, or door panel, allow the leather to dry thoroughly. In other words, you should wait at least a whole day or 24 hours before touching the seat again. Some manufacturers might even recommend that you strip the old finish off altogether with a paint stripper, remover, or thinner. Only do this if the interior is in real bad shape and you're doing a cleanup overhaul of sorts.

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