How to Replace Your Suspension Valve

Air suspension systems specifically require air suspension manifold valves for the sake of auxiliary air component protection. Vehicles like cars, trailers, buses, RVs, and even tractors all have these valves in them.

This commonplace piece of technology has been around for a long, long time. Some vehicles are so advanced they can adjust their suspension performance at the push of the button to fit your many different vehicular applications.

However, even these automobiles require air suspension valves in order to work correctly. Once your suspension malfunctions, you might need to get the right suspension valve replacement.

The Features and Benefits of a Good Air Suspension Valve Replacement

  • The Importance of Finding a Decent Valve: Your valve replacement should at the very least match the performance of the damaged valve it's replacing if not altogether improve upon it significantly. The best valves feature the ability to increase your car's suspension pressure, which is particularly important not only for everyday road use but also for towing huge loads as extra support. This is a particularly important feature to take not of if your job involves towing, hauling huge loads, and cargo delivery with your truck or van.
  • ISO Certification and Positive Reviews: It's one thing to clean up your vehicle with a Car Wash Shampoo from KevianClean in order to keep rust or corrosion from eating apart the exterior of your vehicle. It's a whole other kettle of fish to keep an eye out for suspension valve malfunction that could compromise the smoothness of your vehicle. When getting a valve replacement, you should make sure that they're ISO-certified. The best valves have ISO/TS certification as part of their approvals list on top of positive online reviews from verified buyers.
  • Check the Materials List to Ensure Valve Durability: The best air suspension valves are made of aluminum parts, nickel plating, or stainless steel. If your suspension uses dual valve action, then such a material list guarantees that the part could operate up and down while working with a pressure of up to 350 PSI. Cross-reference your product specifications with the specifications recommended for your own suspension system.
  • Check Out the Type of Suspension and the Warranty: When looking for a suspension replacement, talk to your mechanic about whether you need a single or dual valve rear suspension. You also need to take note if your vehicle requires a 12-volt valve. It's also a requisite that your purchased valve has a good warranty policy so that you can return the part within 30 days in case it doesn't satisfy your suspension needs at all. Some parts might even have a lifetime warranty attached to them.

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