Checking your Car for Paint Defects or Imperfections

Once you’ve had your car detailed, it is important for you to inspect the paint finish for any signs of contamination, imperfections or defects. Sometimes these problems are not that visible especially if it’s hidden under a glossy and shiny finish.

Some owners find their cars looking dull just after a few months and years. This is because they are unaware of how to take good care of their vehicle. It is also important for car owners to be responsible enough to have their car checked and washed regularly.

Here are some ways to check your car’s finish for any signs of flaws.

Check if your paint is contaminated

Your paint becomes contaminated when it is exposed to organic and nonorganic substances that harm your paint. These particles include chemicals that cannot be removed by normal washing or cleaning. Examples of these contaminants include brake dust, asphalt, rail dust, tree sap, and others chemicals.

How to check:

Physically inspect and touch the paint after washing. A clean and non-contaminated paint will feel smooth. If you find the surface rough and uneven, then it most likely is contaminated.

Bear in mind that it may sometimes be a little bit hard to tell. If you are having trouble, then you can use a plastic as your glove. It will make it easier for you to feel if there are any imperfections.

Check if your paint has defects

There are certain factors that can affect the paint condition of your car including improper washing, detailing, or handling as well as constant sun exposure. Some of the most common causes of paint defects are scratches, swirls, peeling, etching, and oxidation.  

How to check:

The easiest way to check your car for defects is to inspect under the sun. Park it outside your garage and let the sun’s rays illuminate the imperfections in your car. It’s easier to see the small scratches in broad daylight. Once you find a defective spot, try to inspect it from different angles and different lighting.

Another option is to use a high-powered LED flashlight or halogen. A portable light makes it easier for you to inspect the defect. Don’t forget to check the area using different positions and lighting.

Have your car detailed, washed, and waxed

It is easy to determine if your car has a paint contamination or defect. You will notice that the surface finish looks uneven, rough, dull, and discolored. However, you can still bring back the brilliant shine in your car by having it detailed, washed, and waxed. KevianClean Quick Wax can restore your car’s shining glory.

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