Car Air Vent: How Do You Clean it?


Does your car smell different? If you just had it car washed but it still smells a little different, then it must be the air vent that needs careful cleaning. Parts of these air vents are not easily accessible that it is so easy to forget about ever cleaning them, until it makes the car smell differently. To keep your car smelling fresh at all times, here are a few tips to follow.


Tip 1: Clean the vent


In cleaning the vent, use a cotton swab that has been soaked in KevianClean Interior Defense. KevianClean has a very mild scent that is almost indistinguishable. While you may opt to use a scented cleaner, it may clash with the smell of the car freshener you’re using; thus, it could create a smell that you don’t like. Also, using an unscented car cleaner will help you determine if the weird smell of your car is already gone or if the vent still needs more cleaning. Keep in mind that the corners and crevices should be thoroughly cleaned too.


The vehicle may come with lower vents too. These should also be cleaned, otherwise, the strange smell will stay in your car for a long time. They may not be easily visible, but they are usually located under the dash board.


Tip 2: Get rid of the smell


Cleaning the vents may help get rid of the smell in your car, but some of those musty, stale scents may require you to go down further into the vents to clean it. You may start by changing the cabin air filter. These air filters ensure that only clean air passes through it to prevent allergens from getting in the car. The car air conditioning filters need to be changed periodically to keep the car smelling fresh all the time.


Tip 3: Get to the cabin air filter


When you get to the air filter, you can use a disinfectant spray to clean it. Not only will it kill the germs in an instant, but it will also help improve the smell of the car interior. However, it might make the vehicle smell like disinfectant for a few hours or so, but it’s better than the strange smell that sticks to the nose.


Finally, you should clean the air conditioning drain. Carefully squeeze the tubing to ensure that nothing is stuck inside. When all these tips are taken together, you can only expect the car vents all cleaned up, the air conditioning working perfectly and the car smelling like it’s brand new.

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