10 Tips for Safe Driving with Your Pet

Who doesn’t love dogs? More than 30% of American households have at least one dog as a pet and as far as pop culture can show, people treat their dogs like their own children. Because we love our dogs, it’s not unusual for us to ride with them in our cars. However, these adorable canines are just like kids -- they can be unruly and difficult to handle at times.

For drivers who are riding with their dogs for the first time, here are a few tips that can help ensure your pet’s safety as well as your car’s maintenance.

  1. Never forget your dog’s collar or name tag. In case your dog suddenly jumps out of the car when you park or get your fuel refilled, you have a way to look for your dog.
  2. Keep your pet in a carrier or crate. This is the equivalent of a baby car seat.
  3. You can also install a dog safety belt. If your pet doesn’t like to be inside a box or bag, a safety belt will help restrain it.
  4. Keep your pet hydrated during trips. Giving your dog ice cube treats is a great idea to quench its thirst and keep it busy.
  5. Always bring some treats. For a good behaving dog, treats are a must! You can also bring some chewy bones and sticks for several hours of chewing fun.
  6. Don't let your dog stick its head out the window. As adorable as it may be in movies and TV, a dog's head outside of a car window is a major cause of an accident.
  7. Carry a first aid kit for your pet. You can combine human and pet first aid items in one bag.
  8. Always assist your dog and hold its leash when moving in and out of the car. Letting your dog run around in the street can be quite dangerous, both for your dog and for drivers that will swerve away from your pet.
  9. Don't feed your pet if it has a history of motion sickness. In this case, you may give your dog some ginger
  10. Cover your car with towels and disposable bags in case your dog makes a mess. A dog with motion sickness will likely throw up inside your car. It's also not unusual for dogs to poop or pee especially if it's their first time to ride. This may be due to their nerves. To keep your car clean, cover it up with disposable items. You can also put a diaper on your pet.

We hope that these tips will come in handy. As always, if your car interiors get dirty, use KevianClean to clean it up!

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