Five Car Care Tips To Remember

How do you keep your car working properly? A lot of misleading information may be present in popular culture and media. However, if you talk to a mechanic, car care isn't always as simple as it seems.

In fact, keeping your car in good running condition takes a lot of hard work. A few tips from the experts could do a lot of help. You cannot just depend on one product for miracles. So before you decide to leave your old car in the pound, here are the top five tips that you need to remember:

1.  Check the oil and change it when it's due.

There is no other car care tip that will help you keep the engine running smoothly than having the oil checked and changed when due. Conversely, there is nothing worse than you can do to your car than neglecting to having that oil changed.

2.  Change the coolant of your vehicle at least once every year.

It may seem expensive, but it’s the only way that could save you from expensive cooling costs. When the cooling system is in good shape, it can help you prevent corrosion and deposits that could build up and destroy your car’s cooking system.

3.  Change the transmission and differential oils.

While changing the transmission and differential oil may not be done on a regular basis, these fluids should still be changed accordingly. Remember to use only the oil with the right consistency and viscosity that’s fit for your vehicle type.

4.  Lube and grease the moving parts.

It is important to note that all the moving parts of your vehicle should be kept properly lubed and greased. When you hear the squeaks and chirps, that's just your car telling you it's dry. You don’t want your car to retire early due to poor lubrication, right?

5.  Keep your vehicle clean at all times.

This winter season, your vehicle might be covered with a lot of salt and that could cause rusting on your car’s exterior. Make sure to work on having it cleaned throughout the entire season. And use our Quick Wax to put a layer of protection on your paint and finish.

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