5 Steps to Clean Your Car Interior Quickly

Are you in a hurry to clean your car interior for a special event with guests that will have to get into your filthy ride when push comes to shove? Then here's what you need to know.

Maintenance is usually better than monthly heavy duty cleaning because it forms good habits and you get to monitor the state of your vehicle more often. After all, prevention is better than the cure.

With that said, you can go about cleaning your car more efficiently even for maintenance purposes, particularly with KevianClean Interior Defense.

The Right Cleaning Process for the Car Interior

  • The Proper Cleaning Steps or Sequence: Ensure the durability of your car with the right cleaning process. This means you should get rid of the litter or most obvious garbage first, then moving on to cleaning the dust and vents with your vacuum. Afterwards, you can go about using cleaner sprays like KevianClean Interior Defense in order to get rid of the dust that your vacuum can't pick up.
  • Be More Merciless in Throwing Away Trash: Obvious litter like empty water bottles and potato chip wrappers usually go to the trash bag right away. The not-so-obvious ones like paper waste from brochures, newspapers, and the like might be left behind. Put those away for recycling or storage. Don't stuff them into your glove compartment either. Be sure to clear out any candy wrappers from within that space as well.
  • Soft Brush Interior Cleanup: Aside from vacuuming the upper parts of your vehicle like your dashboard, console, and doors, you should also get a soft brush to agitate the bonded dust and dirt, allowing for easier removal with your cleaner. Your brush should be soft so that it doesn't end up tearing the leather upholstery or plastic apart when push comes to shove.
  • Cleaning Carpets Is Like Cleaning Seats: When you clean seats, you usually have to remove the coverings so that they can be put in your laundry then spray them with special leather cleaner and conditioner to get them all nice and shiny. Most importantly, you don't use water on them. It's the same deal with cleaning carpets and mats, leather mats especially. As for carpets, water makes it likelier for mold to grow on them, so use a special cleaner.
  • Glass Cleaner from the Inside: The windows and windshield of your car should be cleaned on the inside as well as the outside. The easiest way to go about it is to make use of good quality glass cleaner, although Interior Defense and microfiber towels can also do the trick. Don't use a rough cloth for wiping the cleaner away because it might leave scratches at worst and muddy streaks at best. Thankfully, microfiber is quite good at streak removal without leaving off its own lint residue.


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