A/C Pressostat Buying Tips

The air conditioner low pressure switch, also known as the A/C pressostat, is the switch of your vehicle's A/C that's responsible for regulating the cool air that goes into your passenger cabin for the sake of keeping that part of your car cool and comfortable.

The A/C pressostat and compressor work in tandem in order to manage the air flow just right. If the pressure for the air flow is too high or low, then the A/C won't function correctly, necessitating repair and/or replacement.

The Dos and Don'ts When Buying an A/C Pressostat

This car part serves as the A/C failsafe that shuts down if the flow is too slow or fast in the system to prevent further damage. Therefore, before buying a replacement pressostat, make sure that it's the only thing damaged and to fix any underlying problems that could be causing it to serve as a failsafe.


  • DO buy a new pressostat. If you have to err on the side of caution, then it's usually better to get something brand new and without wear-and-tear than something with a bit of damage and mileage on it.
  • DO buy OEM to ensure that the inlet or outlet fittings and threads match. If you don't want to get something cheaper or perhaps a pressostat upgrade, then make sure that at the very least the specs match.
  • DO find high-quality switches made of premium-grade stainless steel or aluminum construction for prolonged service.
  • DO make sure you're getting something that's an OEM duplicate of the pressostat you're replacing. Check the part number and manufacturer number on the car part to get the right fitment.
  • DO acquire a pressostat that works hand-in-hand with your compressor. The compressor compresses the refrigerant before going to the condenser while the pressostat keeps the right amount of airflow going.
  • DO get a pressostat replacement immediately. Time is of the essence. Have your A/C fixed ASAP in order to avoid secondary damage that can cost you more as far as repairs are concerned.


  • DON'T go for the first replacement pressostat you find. At the very least, make a price comparison chart and then gauge your short list of affordable parts by review and rating.
  • DON'T purchase a used pressostat without first checking its origins. It might've been salvaged from a car wreck or sold to the market with damage included.
  • DON'T buy a damaged pressostat no matter how cheap you got it. If it's already broken or has loads of mileage, expect it to last barely a month, week, or even day. It's a waste of money and time.
  • DON'T forget to keep your 30-day money back guarantee when getting a nonspecific pressure switch that's allegedly universal fit or matches the fitment of multiple makes and models of cars in case you get the wrong or unusable one.

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