5 Simple Tips For New Car Owners

Are the kids getting a new car for Christmas? It can be a big responsibility for them, so get them off to a good start with these 5 simple tips for new car owners.

1. Keep a list of dates when repairs and maintenance were made. As a new car owner, it is very important to keep a log of your car’s maintenance history. This will allow you to stay aware of not only your expenses, but it also helps you to get ready for any replacements and necessary repairs needed.

Some of the important points to write in the log would be information about the car battery, the different engine oils and fluids you use, as well as the tire pressures required.

Staying on top of all of this information can save you from any stress and trouble that could occur when you are on the road, because you know the possible scenarios of repairs or replacements necessary.

2. Practice regular car cleaning. This is a very good way to deal with a new vehicle, being able to commit to not just keeping it well maintained but also being able to regularly have it cleaned. This is especially important when you plan to buy other cars in the future because by keeping your vehicle always spotless and clean you are able to extend its saleability and many possible buyers will be eager to purchase from you.

3. Learn troubleshooting techniques. Whether we mean to or not, cars are meant to breakdown once in a while and rather than stress yourself out and get angry about it, you should invest in learning how to fix your vehicle.

Battery changing, replacing tires or checking hoses, grab the opportunity to learn about these very basic techniques so that you do not have to hang out on the road in case your car breaks down. Check with your local YMCA. You might be able to pick up a free class or two.

4. Find a trustworthy mechanic. Treat your vehicle like yourself in terms of repairs and maintenance appointments, no one has ever had the opportunity to visit several doctors to get treated for a sickness, right? This is the same for your car, once you get the chance to find a suitable mechanic that works well with you and on your vehicle, build rapport and stay with that mechanic for as long as they can provide you the help you need. If you car is brand new, check to see if the dealership has their own service. But keep in mind, dealerships usually charge more for the same service found at your local auto repair shops.

5. Road Trip! It's not just for fun. Like breaking in shoes, as a new car owner you should also take the opportunity to break in your vehicle. Have a weekend out and drive your car as far as you can, this allows you to get a feel of how your vehicle drives and at the same time it also catches any minor car issues that you may want to change or discuss with your dealer. 

New cars can last as long as they're taken care of. Follow these 5 simple tips and any new car owner can be well on their way to a long lasting relationship with their vehicle.

What tips would you give your kids about their new cars?

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