4 Tips to Understand Car Maintenance

There are several things about car maintenance that go beyond car washes and interior cleanup. Vacuuming your car from time to time won't save it from internal malfunctions from under the hood, for example.

When you're at those self-service gas stations and you're filling up your car, make sure to stop when the nozzle closes down or shuts off. Don't top off the gas tank. Prevent it from releasing harmful vapors that can waste your money and lead to environmental destruction. Not to mention, it's also a bit of a fire hazard to fill it too much.

This is why many motorists prefer having attendants fill their car up instead of having to do it themselves. It's safer this way and there should be extra room allowed for gasoline.

Important Tips and Reminders

Gasoline Expands: You shouldn't top off gas as you fill up your car and you should leave some space behind because that extra room allows gasoline to expand. Gasoline stations with attendants know this.

There are also pumps made to be green or environment-friendly. They're able to conserve the gasoline and keep its vapors from ruining Mother Earth by drawing any extra vapors back into the pump.

Don't Pay for More Gas Than You're Getting: It's also wise to not top off the gas tank because according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), you'll pay ore gas than you're getting because some pumps draw extra vapors back into it.

You might as well just fill the gas tank just enough but not all the way to keep those vapors from spilling from the environment or into the pump. Or you can just have an attendant take care of filling your tank.

Air-Conditioning Use That Is Not Abuse: Your A/C should get an annual inspection. This is usually the time when technicians test outlet temperatures, refrigerant charge, and the healthiness of your system operation.

He's also there to tell you if your A/C has become so dirty that it's clogging the vents and making your battery work doubly hard to make your interior as cold as you intend it to be. You can also cut down on refrigerant and battery usage by using the window to cool down from time to time.

Fuel System of Your Vehicle: You should maintain your vehicle's fuel system by fuel filter replacement from time to time. Although your car's mileage may vary in accordance to its make and model, a good rule of thumb for replacing your fuel filter is every 24,000 miles or every two years.

Every 30,000 miles or about 2¾ years, you should in turn have your fuel injectors flushed as well. This will get you a cleaner and greener car that saves you money every time you get gas.

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