4 Vital Car Detailing Tips

Frequently taking your car to professional car washing and detailing could be too financially draining. You have to realize that the professional results you can get from automotive shops could be possible on your own.

While it is true that car maintenance is really the one you get financially invested in when it comes to owning a car that would not mean that you really have to put in all the cash in the auto shops promising you the maintenance you could have done yourself. Car maintenance allows you to know your car more. More than ever, you should start making it a personal endeavor.

With that being said, here are some DIY car detailing and washing tips for you.

1. Only use products that are designed for cars. Car washing need not be raw and savage. By this we mean that household products should not be used as improvised car washing products. Invest on car washing products that are really designed for cars, and for that, choose the products that will maintain the specific needs of your car. This also means that you have to keen on the quality of car washing products. Ask the questions, ‘does this car wash shampoo non-corrosive?’, ‘is the leather conditioner containing the right pH level’? Poor quality products result to cheap results and they may cause you more damage than help.

2. Never, for a second, think of ammonia as a cleaning tool. This is the part where you really have to look at car product quality seriously. Most glass cleaners contain ammonia since it is really good in wiping off dirt and grime easily. However, it is also powerful in removing car tints. Always go for specially formulated non-ammonia glass cleaners.

3. Test the product first before anything else. Car products might react to different car surfaces, materials and finish. It is best to test your car products first. Check for possible discolorations, texture damage and other changes. Always be extra cautious when trying a car washing product the first time.

4. Use microfiber towels and make a color coding scheme. Capitalize on the high absorbent capacity of microfiber towels. Using them will avoid drying blunders such as water spots on the car glass and hood. It is most advisable to use microfiber towels in a color coding manner. This will reduce chances of relocating dirt. Color coding will also make DIY car washing more convenient since you may opt to only take out the towels needed at a given time.

Car washing and detailing must be done with effort and patience. It should not be looked as a burden or something that requires professional touch alone. DIY car washing gives you a more intimate relationship with your car. With that, you will know more of your car’s needs which is an advantage in maintaining your car value.

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