4 Tips in Choosing the Best Car Wash Shampoo

Choosing the best car shampoo is something that must be done conscientiously. Car wash shampoos vary in brands and prices. But these are not the only variables that must be put into question. One must also try to explore which car wash shampoo is most appropriate for your car’s exterior like checking its components and acid level to avoid compromising your car’s paint and the rest of its exterior.

Due to this emphasis in car wash shampoo, every car owner then must be knowledgeable about his car needs as well as with the specifics in satisfying these needs. In picking the best car wash shampoo then, here are some things to consider.

  1. Always assess car wash shampoo’s pH balance. This may sound very technical to the average car owner but this one truly sets a difference. Assessing the car shampoo’s pH balance is important in maintaining car wax, thus avoiding car paint peeling. Moreover, the use of excessive car solvent could strip off your car’s existing sealant. A balanced pH level is seven. If you are not sure about this aspect of car washing, it is best that you buy car shampoos with basic acid level.  
  2. Know that foam formulas are essential. A lot of people underrate the essential things that car foams may do for your car. Car foams hype up car washing because it loosens grime, dirt and dust. It will make cleaning easier and insures that your car finish will not be compromised. Foam also provides the necessary lubrication for your wash pad. Choosing the best car wash shampoo is tantamount to choosing the best foam formula.
  3. Don’t get easily convinced with artistic marketing strategies. You may often see car wash shampoos with ‘deep clean’ tags or ‘2 in 1 clean’ labels. Sometimes, these formulas are infused with heavy car solvents that may be bad for your car finish. These products might also be containing high acid levels that will weaken your car paint. In times like this, you might just want to stick with your trusted brand or you may approach your mechanic about it.
  4. Develop an attention to detail. Never take car shampoo for granted. With lack of knowledge regarding this product, some manufacturers have already taken advantage. Get much information first about the product you wish to buy. Make sure that the pH level is present in the bottle. Do not easily be fooled with promises of revolutionizing your car washing. Remember, good car wash shampoo must have a balanced pH, offers a heavy foam formula and must be biodegradable.
When it comes to your car needs, never settle for less. So hype-up your car washing by trying to choose the best: KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo

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