Why is a Small Car Better?


Experienced drivers always say that every new driver must start small. And just like that experts in car manufacturing will debunk this myth by saying that bigger cars are more stable and much safer.


And yet the truth is that the safer collision you should find yourself in is when you try to avoid being involved in any collision in the first place. You just learned how to drive and you’re in the market for a new car. Which one should you actually buy? What size of car do you really need?


To help you decide, here are a few facts you must know:

  • Smaller cars are lighter; thus they give you more steering freedom to veer away from a crash. If you choose to drive a larger car, your attempt to grip the wheel might just mean letting physics take care of the damages that your car will incur to the other driver.

  • If you are single and will simply use the car to commute to and from work, then you should go for a small one. Even when your dating, the small car will provide enough room for you and your date, minus the distance that will separate you while inside the car. The driving experience might just become more intimate, just like how you imagined it to be.

  • Smaller cars are not only compact in design, but they can be more eco-friendly too. Apart from the safety features that each new model comes with, a small car needs less gas to run. The mileage ratio of such small vehicles usually arrive at 20 km./hr. . That’s considerably eco-friendly.

  • Small cars tend to cost less too. If you are just starting out in your career and are looking for the right investment, buying a small car might just do you good. Not only will it make your travels more convenient, but it could be one of the wise investments you will make in your start-up career.

  • Driving smaller cars makes you look a little bit more frugal. When people look at you, they will not think you are poor. Instead, they will think you did a good job buying a small car because that is all that you need. There’s no need to go splurging on a huge car if you don’t need it or you don’t have the money for it. Keeping it small and simple is the best way to go.

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