Which Car Color Are You?

You are out in the market for a new car. And after picking the car model and brand, the next question to ask yourself is the color of the car you should get.

Although you’re a car enthusiast and you have asked the salesman about the machine and how fast it can go, one of the basic questions that every aspiring car owner asks is the colors that the car model comes in. For many, what the car looks like says a lot about their character as the owner and driver.

So if you are yet to decide which car color you should buy, here is a list of the color and what it says about you:

  • White -- this color speaks of purity and elegance. Those who drive white cars are perceived to be kind-hearted yet elegant in many aspects of their life. So, is this color you?
  • Black -- this is the color of sophistication. If you are a young driver trying to keep face or an experience one who wants to keep his cool, then a black car definitely fits your personality to the dot.
  • Grey -- this is the color of those car owners who don’t want the attention. If you want to keep your profile simple, choose a grey car and nobody would even dare ask why.
  • Blue -- this is the color of truthfulness and serenity. Those who drive blue cars are perceived to live a stable life who always speaks of the truth no matter what.
  • Red -- this is the color of arrogance and power. People who choose to drive red cars want to make an impression and they leave the road with exactly that and more. The color demands for respect too.
  • Pink -- this is the color that speak of softness. Most women drivers who pick this color exude the sweet and dainty look. The light touch of pink brings out the strongest points of femininity in women drivers.

More than the power of the vehicle, the car color says a lot about the type of car owner you are. Remember, keep the color of your car looking fresh and brand new with KevianClean Quick Wax. It will keep it clean and its paint protected at all times.

So, which one are you? Make sure to choose the right color that speaks of your personality and the character that you want others to perceive of you.

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