What you Need to Know about Matte Car Paint

If you want to give your car a facelift, a nice paint job can do the trick. However, if you’re tired of the usual shiny and glossy finish, the current trend is to go matte. Before you get excited, here are some important details you need to consider.


A matte finish requires special care and maintenance. The best way to wash a matte painted car is by hand wash. A machine wash usually contains chemicals that remove the dirt, grime, oil and other elements.

These substances also strip off the wax and the sealant that actually protect the body of your car making it raw and vulnerable. The bristles may also be too rough for the matte finish and may just end up scratching the surface. As an alternative, you need to use a matte car wash soap to keep the paint protected.

Avoid rubbing the surface in a circular motion so that you won’t create any swirl marks. Use the KevianClean Clay Bar Detailing Towel to wipe off any remnants of soap and water. Use two separate buckets for a clean water and a soapy water.

A matte painted car requires cleaning more often.


A matte finish doesn’t need any polishing. Avoid waxing it because it can alter the sheen of the finish. Remember that you should remove any element that comes in contact with the finish such as leaves, sap, droppings, and other particles.

These elements can ruin the finish of your paint. If the particles are stuck to the paint, use a car wash shampoo to loosen it up. You should also wipe off any water stains as soon as possible.

What to Avoid

One of the most important things you can do when you have a matte paint is to avoid your car from getting scratches as it can damage the paint. A matte paint needs proper handling and care. Any signs of scratches can affect the paint finish of your car.

A deep scratch in the body will require you to repaint your car. Use a matte paint sealant to protect the finish. Since a matte painted car doesn’t need any polishing, the coating is more durable against road contaminants.

Now that you know more about how to maintain a matte painted car, you can decide better if it is suitable for your lifestyle. Having a matte painted car will definitely turn heads. Just make sure you can take care of it properly to maintain its unique appearance.

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