Waxing Your Car: Which Polish Should You Use?

When polishing your car, using abrasive polishes is a no-no. They're usually reserved for naked stainless steel when it's not so stainless anymore and rust spots have started to form on them. It's not something you use on modern car paints because you risk damage from scouring through the clearcoat and the finish itself.

It's like using sandpaper or a scouring pad on your car. What you actually need is wax like carnauba or KevianClean Quick Wax as well as any one of the newer polymer products in order to protect your paint from the elements, particularly the rain and the sun.

The Extent of Wax Protection 101

  • Sun Protection Against Fading and Deterioration: Although your clearcoat is usually enough to protect against the sun, with you simply washing the car to keep the coat intact, it pays to have that extra coat available. This is so the sun's ultraviolet rays doesn't end up making your car's color fade and deteriorate, since the sunshine and sun radiation have natural bleaching properties.
  • Defends Against Flying Grit and Mud: Your paint will bubble and peel if you left grit, mud, and the like stay on the surface of your paint. With that said, by investing in some wax, you're less likely to end up with a damaged finished even as your car is  bombarded by the grit kicked up by other vehicles that are in front of you in the rainy highway or dusty roads of the interstate.
  • Polymer Products Last Longer Than Wax: Modern waxes with polymers in them are designed to last longer on your car than wax, making them the more worthwhile investment when push comes to shove. You can save money by getting them at auto supply stores or online Internet stores instead of the hundreds-of-dollars expensive ones available in car dealerships.
  • Sometimes Natural Is the Way to Go: KevianClean's wax product is characterized by its usage of natural products in order to make it more environment-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint when you use it. This also means it doesn't have synthetic ingredients within it that would normally give it special properties. However, for those who care about Mother Nature, it's a worthwhile trade-off. It also adheres to your clearcoat easily.
  • Detailing Also Has Other Benefits and Properties: Aside from enhancing gloss, a good wax job decreases the buildup of unwanted matter that may make your paint dull, like grime. Over time, your external vehicular surface gets tarnished and dull. You can stave off this inevitable degradation or even avoid it altogether with proper waxing. Waxes make cleaning your car easier as well because it makes washing more effective.


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