V8 vs V6 Engine: What's the Difference?

Which engine is worth using? A V8 or a V6? The lifespan of your vehicle might depend on your choice. There's less fuel expense to be had from a highly efficient engine that's able to perform better.

It's not easy to choose engines though. It depends on the situation as well as your personal preference. It's high time you found out the answer to the questions posed above. Which engine really is better than the other depending on your unique situation?

V8 vs. V6: Pick The Best One

  • Power: Based on power and efficiency, V6 has 6 cylinders and the V8 has 8 cylinders. Therefore, the V8 engine has more power than the V6 engine because the former has more cylinders at its disposal to suction the fuel and boost the entire vehicle with faster and more efficient internal combustion. If you have a need for speed, then the powerful 8-cylinder V8 is the engine for you because more power means more speed.
  • Design: Aside from the V8 having more cylinders, it's also designed for power. It has a perpendicular angle between every cylinder bank. This special type of design fires up fuel consumption in order to boost your car power, making it faster and stronger when everything is said and done. In contrast, the V6 engine required minor dynamic balancing versus V8 engines having every cylinder dynamically balanced.
  • Fuel Economy: The V6 is better for fuel economy because of the same reasons the V8 is better for power and speed. The V6 consumes less fuel with fewer cylinders and it's not designed to guzzle more fuel to bring in strength and quickness to your vehicle. What's more, a 4-liter V6 is more affordable than a V8 with the same amount of liters. You don't have to refill your tank after a short period of driving. It's a tug of war between performance and efficiency.
  • Affordability: Unless you're a race car driver or a rich man who's a sports car enthusiast, there's really no reason for you to own a V8 just as there's no reason for you to own a Ferrari or a F1 racing car. Usually, you just need a V6 on a regular city sedan or even a van or SUV. V6 also has fewer friction losses compared to the V8. Plus, when you damage a V6, it's less expensive to replace or overhaul it compared to the V8.
  • Wrapping Up: Choosing a V8 or V6 engine for your car is a matter of need and choice. Do you need a more powerful car because you're a drag racer or you wish to own a status symbol vehicle that performs the best since you can afford it? Or do you want something practical and easy to maintain because you're not exactly Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos?

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