Top 5 Advanced Car Features

Technology is found everywhere and has managed to take over a lot of different industries including that of automobiles and vehicles. A lot of brands and companies now have to find ways to help bring in more consumers to support their make and models. One of the best ways to do that is by introducing some of these well known features that has captured the interest of many car enthusiasts.

Maps and Directions

No longer are drivers bewildered when they need to head out to a location that they have never been to before because all they need to do is to program the mapping features in their vehicle and it will be in charge of providing the directions to be able to get to the address that was input, and from that location they can also seek to get back to where they came from.

Fuel Efficiency

Because of the constant increase of fuel prices these days, many car companies took this trouble into consideration and have been catering to different kinds of models that help to conserve the fuel that is pumped into a vehicle, there are even some vehicles that are considered hybrids that can run both on electricity and fuel, making gas expenses at minimum for everyone.

Parking Assistance

One of the most difficult scenarios experienced by many drivers is having to park especially when the spot that is available does not have that much space to begin with – the technology helps to signal to the driver the amount of space that is available to be able to maneuver the entire vehicle.

Collision Warning

A great car feature for many vehicles in the market these days is the anti-collision device that enables drivers to be well aware when another vehicle is too close while on the road and to avoid any kind of sudden car crashes while driving.

Video Surveillance

As certain kinds of accidents can occur on the road, the technological feature of having a video camera on board a vehicle is very useful especially as evidence when there are particular vehicular accidents that happen to the driver or as a personal keepsake for those who love to see the sights as they go for a long drive.

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