No More Fuel: How It Damages Your Car

Just as humans require water to live, cars need fuel to run. Emptying out your fuel tank and attempting to still drive while your car is merely running on fumes is a recipe for disaster. Doing so can damage various car parts one after the other. Car owners should be aware of the consequences of running on fumes then avoid doing that.

List of Car Parts That Can Get Damaged When Running Out Of Fuel

  • Fuel Tank
Your gas or fuel tank is one of the most damaged parts of your car when you're about to run out of fuel but insist on driving until you're completely empty. Understand your gas tank's capacity or limits. Trying to drive with nearly no gasoline or on the last 2 liters of gas collecting sediment will result in terrible damage on your fuel tank specifically.

    The gas crust might end up being used to provide energy instead of being filtered out. This leads to corrosion that further damages your vehicle instead of helping it out. This is a common problem among vintage cars. The gas crust can do a number on your tank because it's made of metal and is susceptible to corrosion.

    • Fuel Injection System
    When you drive on a nearly empty gas tank, it's not just the tank that's susceptible to gas crust. The fuel injection is responsible for transporting the fuel from the fuel tank to the burning tank. It's why it's the most important part of your gas pumping system. Alas, driving with a nearly empty tank can also damage your fuel injection.

      What's worse is that the damage can spread to the filter system because the crust inside the tank will be pushed in all sorts of directions, including the filter that's not supposed t collect an increased number of crust. Once it sticks into the filter then it is game over for that filter. The gasoline won't be able to reach the burning tank because the filter is all crusty and whatnot.

      • Electric Motor
      As for electric motors, driving with little to no fuel can result in the destruction of the coolant system. To be more specific, running out of fuel can also affect the electric motor because it uses the fuel as coolant liquid. Running without fuel means that the motor will get overheated sooner resulting in damage the longer it runs without gas.

        Truth be told, the fuel is also responsible for cooling down the whole car system, from the copper wires to the engine itself. This is why you should always get your car running with half a tank or at least a quarter tank of gas. Don't overestimate its ability to run on fumes because this will only result in a more expensive repair problem down the line.

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