How to Repair or Replace Wiper Motor Bushing

Is there something wrong with your motor bushing? Are you hearing noises from your side wiper or windshield? In particular, is there a grating, tick-tacking noise that's getting on your nerves every time you turn on your wiper?

This is particularly annoying if you live in some of the rainiest cities or states in the United States, so you have got to turn on the windshield wiper and endure the most annoying sound.

You can actually fix this issue by getting your bushing replaced. Replacement is called for because your wiper might be so damaged that it could strip paint or cut into your plastic panel.

Repair and Replacement Tips and Tricks

  • What The Bushing Is Supposed to Accomplish: The isolator and bearing keeps the motor of the wiper from vibrating or becoming misaligned. If your wiper's making noise, then something is wrong with the wiper arm's bushing because it's responsible for adjusting it so that it doesn't squeak or damage the paint or glass. It can be aligned too tightly or too loosely or some part on the arm is hitting another thing it's not supposed to hit. When replacing the bushing, buy a kit instead of a standalone part.
  • Key Benefit of a Wiper Motor Bushing: When shopping for a wiper motor bushing, you should look for one that's guaranteed by its ratings and reviews to be capable of securing the water motor to the firewall and cushioning the wiper's mounting position. This ensures that all the vibration is absorbed and your wiper is running smoothly with no squeaking or scratching of the paint finish. Excessive shaking and noises can be deadly on your car paint, glass, and wiper itself.
  • Important Bushing Specs: You should be on the lookout for wiper motor bushing specs such as availability in a variety of sizes and styles, material composition like brass and durable rubber for reliable extended use, proper fitment, and direct replacement fit depending on your basic or customized needs. A kit ensures that when restoring your wiper system to its original condition, you have all the tools, fasteners, nuts, and bolts needed to get the job done.
  • Bushing Installation Details: It takes about five minute to install bushings either by yourself or with the assistance of a mechanic. However, it can take all the way to 20 minutes to remove and reinstall the linkage. Most motorists who aren't car fanatics let the pros handle it. However, you can save yourself time and money by buying a bushing kit with accompanying tools so that you can install it yourself. The kit should have detailed instructions how to go about installing the bushing correctly.

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