How to Protect Car Paint

Your car's paintwork is always in danger of damage because so many minor and major things can happen within the day. Even a paid parking lot can present many dangers, not the least of which is your fellow drivers and their own parked cars.

You probably have no idea that the cheeky finger writings on the dusty body of your vehicle as well as all the bird poop and tiny bug splatters can ruin your car's paint in tiny or huge ways. Fortunately, it's easy to protect your car paint. Just follow the tips below.

Methods of Car Paint Protection

  • Carwash Regularly: By washing your car regularly, you get rid of the dust that can serve as sandpaper particles that scratch and grind down the topmost layers of your paint, which is the clearcoat. What's more, clearcoat paint enables people to wash their cars and end up with something shiny without ever bothering to wax it. The clearcoat gives your paint a natural gleam after washing. Just don't wash with dish detergent. That's harmful to your paint.
  • Don't Write Anything on a Dusty Car with Your Finger: This isn't harmless as you think. Dust might seem like powder on your fingers but as you repeatedly move it around to make messages or to check dustiness, it actually scratches your car like sandpaper. Drag your finger on it enough times and it might penetrate through the clearcoat. Your dirty car should instead be cleaned immediately.
  • Apply Paint Sealant: Apply paint sealant to your car once or twice a year. For example, once every New Year or twice every New Year and Halloween or Valentines and Thanksgiving or Easter and Christmas. This sealant protects your car by making a protective layer over it. Sure, the clearcoat is a protective layer in and of itself, but why not add more? Also, use for every ½ cup of sealant a tablespoon of bonding agent then keep up the 4:1 ratio.
  • Wax to Keep Up the Shine: Wax is extra protection over your paint sealant that makes it extra shiny. Sure, that's another layer of protective covering but the more the merrier. What's more, wax makes things shiny while paint sealant just acts as a protective agent. You can use liquid or spray versions of wax to add it every week or month. Paste wax lasts longer though, for about 3 months. Wax keeps your paint and metal away from corrosion and toxicity.
  • Use Synthetic Coating: If you have no choice but to apply a new coat of paint over your car, then you should definitely use synthetic coating. Why? It lasts longer than your average factory-painted clearcoat. It's been synthesized to give your car a mirror-like shine because it uses a polymer or ceramic coating that lasts for more than 6 months or indefinitely if you know how to take care of it.

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