How to Fix the Contractor Rack

A contractor rack allows you extra room for cargo. Sure, your cargo truck or van is usually designed to haul a number of items by itself, like materials and equipment, without the need of said rack.

Regardless, you might be interested in getting such a rack in order to increase the hauling capacity of your vehicle, particularly when transporting items or furniture too big to fit inside the passenger compartment, trunk, or trailer of your automobile.

However, what if there's damage to your rack? What should you do to fix it?

Things to Remember about Contractor Rack Repair

  • Depends on the Repair Issue and Noise Repair: Fixing your rack depends on what's wrong with it. Maybe it's something minor, like a rack that hums when you're going about 70 miles per hour on the front bar over the cab. Fixing this might entail putting airfoil wings on the racks. You can also change the shape of the rack or add a bug deflector over it to get rid of the noise. The humming, after all, is usually caused by the air disturbance hitting the rack just right. Worse damage might call for someone to weld your rack back to sturdiness.
  • Extensive Damage and Buying a Replacement: If your contractor rack has suffered extensive damage or corrosion that makes it of no value to you except for exchanging it for money as scrap metal, then it's about time to search for a new contractor rack. You should shop for one that's able to maximize your cargo space so you won't end up with dangling two-by-fours at the rear bumper of your van or have huge ladders swinging at your truck bed. Go for an affordable and durable overhead rack that's able to stow things like lumber and pipes over your automobile.
  • Getting the Right Fit and Doubling the Cargo Space: Search for contractor racks at automobile shops or ecommerce auto warehouses for racks that fit on your van roof or truck bed. It's the job of the rack to double your cargo space capacity (through your roof or some other unused space) so you need the right type and fit of rack for your specific make and model of vehicle. If you get the wrong rack, that might entail you having to adjust it with a welding machine and construction tools.

The Bottom Line of Rack Repair and Replacement

Cargo will typically remain safe with the right size of van or truck. By adding a contractor rack on top of the vehicle, you're actually giving your overhead compartment more room for your particularly large cargo, like huge dressers, armoires, chairs, tables, and wardrobes as well as pianos.

With some rope or duct tape, you should be able to secure most anything on these racks. For instance, there's no need to dangle around a ladder into your truck bed as long as you have some rack support handy.

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