How to Correctly Clean the Headlight Interior

Having headlights is important for any vehicle. This is because they're a major part of vehicular safety at night. If you have a busted headlight or two, you might get stopped by cops to warn you about it or to ticket you since it's illegal to drive at night without both headlights working properly.

Even a dirty headlight is enough to ruin your night vision, making you a danger in the streets. You should learn how to clean your headlights from the inside out then.

With that in mind, how does one go about cleaning these headlights from the inside? Keep on reading to find out.

Cleaning Your Headlight Interior

  • Pop the Hood Open and Lift: Pop your hood open to access the headlights from the inside. You'll see a few screws on the underside. Use your screwdriver in order to take off all the screws one after another. The purpose of each screw will vary from car to car. Use your car manual in order to tell if you're lifting the right screw or not. This will enable you get access of the light from the inside for the sake of cleaning.
  • Take off the Lens and Prepare the Solution: After lifting the hood and removing the headlight, you should get it cleaned up. You need now to take the lens or headlight lens off of the assembly. Various headlight types have differing assembly types as well. To clean this lens, you'll need detergent, a sponge pad, hot water, and a big container like a bucket. Put hot water on the bucket then add a scoopful of detergent. This will give you the lens-cleaning solution you need to sort things out.
  • Scrub The Dirt and Let It Dry: Dip your sponge pad into the cleaning solution then use it to scrub out the grease, filth, or buildup with the scouring pad portion of your cleaning tool. Be careful when cleaning the lens because if you scrub too hard you can leave scratches all over the surface that can make it hard for your light to shine through instead. The last thing you want to do is make a problem you're attempting to solve worse instead of better. A scratched, blurry lens that dims your lights is much worse than a dirty lens you can at least cleanup.
  • Finishing Up: Once you're done cleaning and gently scrubbing then you can let the headlight assembly dry for a little while. Once it is dry, reassemble it in reverse order of the way you disassembled it. Shut your hood down and give the lights a test run to see if they've grown brighter after your cleaning is done. If worse comes to worst, you can consult an expert to go about cleaning or fixing your lights. Perhaps he can give you tips on how to specifically clean your make and model of headlights.

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