How to Choose a Driving Hat

There's such a thing as an automotive hat. While it seems like the least important apparel to have when driving, hats made specifically for driving are still hot items for sale as evidenced by the popularity of trucker hats.

Suburbanites might instead wear beanies when doing some city driving if they're not aping the trucker style of trucker hats ironically, as in the case when Ashton Kutcher started wearing trucker hats unironically.

Buying the Right Hat for Your Automotive Needs

  • Caps: Most trucker hats are caps. They're favored by truckers because of the simple stiff visor that keeps the sun from glaring too hard on their eyes, allowing them to see when they're driving. You can get many of these hats for free since they're usually given away for advertisement purposes. Or you can showcase your pride for your local state baseball or football team with a hat that has the right insignia on them.
  • Beanies: Beanies are caps without the visor. They're good for their ability to keep you warm because they're designed to have more cloth and insulation up top. As everyone knows by know, most of the heat from the body comes and escapes from the head. There are many beanie variants to choose from made from wool or cotton. When not worn, they don't hold their shape, making it easier to store them.
  • Beret: Popularized by movies about the military, the beret is a hat that's been popular for centuries, with it being mass produced back in the 1900s. It's a great automotive kind of hat because it serves as an alternative to the winter beanie with its insulation capabilities during the colder months of the year. It has a shape that some motorists might favor as being more aesthetically pleasing or fashionable. It's been used by activities, military headgear, and as a religious type of hat.
  • Wide Brim Hats: If you feel like being a cowboy while riding your jeep, then what better fashion statement could you wear than a wide brim or wide-brimmed hat? There's the stereotypical John Wayne ten-gallon cowboy hat or something more 20th Century like the porkpie. You can also get trilbies or fedoras, which are making a huge comeback among the youthful motorists of today. It shields your face from the sun more than a visor from a cap would.
  • Hat Sizing: You can buy hats as small, large, and extra-large. Ten-gallon hats for cowboy hats are more of a turn of phrase than a unit of measurement, so go with the S, L, and XL choices instead. Caps fortunately have a belt-like adjuster at the back that allows you to make it fit in accordance to your head size. But when buying online, you have to take a gamble that L or XL is the right fit for you since you can only try it out when it gets to your doorstep.

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