Hood Emergency Release Cable Repair

Is your hood release cable busted? Do you want to install a new one? Keep on reading. Here's what you need to do.

First, pay attention to the routing of the cable, making sure it's long enough to get equipped to the original position without slackening.

From there, buy a new hood release cable and collect tolls like a flat-blade screwdriver, a Philips screwdriver, a set of ⅜-inch drive sockets, needle-nose pliers, 10-millimeter socket and ratchet with extension, wire or string, and wire cutters or razor blade.

How to Replace a Hood Emergency Release Cable

  • Locate the Cable: Usually, you can find the cable at the hood latch, which then goes under the top radiator support and through a hole near the driver's side headlight. It also reaches along the fender of your driver's side, usually under what's located in that area like the air cleaner.
  • Lift the Hood and Remove the Cable: Lift the hood and by using your needle-nose pliers remove the hood release cable at the hood latch. There's a ball at the end of the cable in the latch. Grab it, lift it, and take it out of the retainer spring. Unscrew the screw that holds the cable to the latch for good measure.
  • Pull More of the Cable: Pull more of the cable from behind the headlight. Guide the cable by hand till it's past the headlight and you get the loose end on the engine side of the radiator. Use the correct socket from your tools to take out the bolts of the hood release handle in order to remove it.
  • Pull the Cable Towards the Firewall: Below the brake booster, there's a firewall. Use your screwdriver to push the rubber grommet to this wall. Pull the cable within by holding it as high as you can toward the firewall then pull it out. You can now install the new cable by putting the latch through the firewall once more and feeding enough of it so you have enough cable to grab to the other side.
  • Hidden Holes and Screwdrivers: If the hole you're supposed to thread is hidden, then you should get a screwdriver and insert it on the other side to find the hole. Pull the new cable from the engine side until it gets stopped by the rubber grommet. Push that grommet into the firewall. If you're having problems doing this, use your screwdriver to further assist you by pushing the grommet through the hole in order to pull the cable through the fender well.
  • Finish Up: Push the cable through the hole under the radiator support. Install the cable to the latch by putting its end into the spring lock. Keep it in position with the cable hold-down bracket then tighten the bracket. Bolt in the release handle and make sure no loose connections are left to make the cable slip out.

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