Here’s a Quick Way to Check Your Car Before a Trip


Whether you have decided to go on a long drive to go visit a relative for the weekend or have been planning a road trip with long time friends, one of the many things that you should always give priority to when driving for an extended number of hours is to have your car checked.

Of course sometimes your busy schedule may turn up to prevent you from getting to a mechanic and having them check your car for any trouble, which is why it is a good idea to be able to do the checking yourself through these very simple and easy tips.

Start Up Front

Go ahead and check under the hood to see if you have enough coolant, if your oil is still at the safe level and to double check if all the hoses and other connected parts of the engine are still intact and are in good condition.

Survey Tires and Wheels

Walk around your car looking at each of your tires to see if there are immediate troubles that need to be taken care of, and you can easily see this through just how round your wheels are, if any of these look suspiciously flatter compared to the others then get your tire pressure checked and adjusted.

Go Over All Lights

Even if you decide to drive in broad daylight it is still wise for you to look through all of your car lights most especially the headlights and brake lights, since this will not only help you while you are driving early in the morning or at night, it will also prevent any encounter of being called on by a traffic officer.

Tools and Extra Parts

Always consider all of your car tools as well as spare parts to come with your entire car, meaning ensure that you have all of these inside your vehicle at all times, whether you will be traveling for a couple of hours or for the entire day, as this serves as your emergency stash that will help you out when unexpected car troubles arise.

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