FAQs about Maintaining Your Vehicle Warranty

If your car is under warranty, you have a right as a car owner to choose the place for its maintenance, even when it's still under warranty.

Sure, your dealership is your best bet in order to get your car fixed while under warranty, but you can choose to go somewhere else and have it fixed there provided that the other place doesn't do anything to void your warranty.

To avoid having to end up with a messed up car, you can go about maintenance in a DIY fashion with products like KevianClean Interior Defense.

As a car owner, you naturally want to make the right decisions every time about wheel maintenance and the like in order to ensure your vehicle serves you all throughout its lifespan. You also don't want to compromise the warranty of y our vehicle.


Things You Need to Know

  • Allowable Under Warranty: It's actually possible for your local Automotive Service Professional can change your tires without voiding your warranty. When it comes to new car owners, they usually think that they have to say goodbye to the relationship and convenience they've enjoyed with a local independent garage until the warranty of their new automobile finally expires. This isn't actually the case.
  • Not Only the Dealer: There's nothing in your new car warranty that should force you to return only to your dealer for the sake of regular maintenance even though the dealer might give you such an impression. While the car manual's wording might vary from maker to maker, you should notice that they might indicate a schedule of regular maintenance service that doesn't specify where it must be performed.
  • In Every State: In every state in the U.S. or province in Canada, there are automotive repair shops available to service any make and model of vehicle. This is good news because this gives you the right in most warranties to depend on whoever your local mechanic is to maintain and keep your new vehicle perfectly fine and tuned-up whenever possible, especially if he's someone you've trusted to do so for years and years.
  • Other Maintenance Considerations That Won't Void Your Warranty: As long as you talk to your shop of choice about the maintenance schedule of your new vehicle and you come to an agreement with it, then you should be fine. They should pay close attention to the recommended fluids to be used on your car as suggested by the manufacturer of your car itself. Every act and repair job should be accurately documented in your record of service as well.

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