Driving Back Pain: How Do You Avoid It?

Studies show that four out of five people are suffering from lower back pain all over the world. And while driving their car may not be the primary reason for the pain, driving itself aggravates the problem. While blaming car manufacturers may be the easiest thing to do, health experts and osteopaths think otherwise. Drivers must look at their driving postures for this might be the reason why they’re in pain.

Since most cars are designed for the average person, everyone must be careful in choosing the car model to buy and use. Since everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, one must be able to find a car model that fits their size and shape perfectly to avoid any kind of back pain while driving.

Here are some tips to help you avoid driving back pain:

  • First, be open to discussing your concerns with the car manufacturer of your choice. Although the interior, especially the chair, might be designed for an average person, they might be able to accommodate any requests or changes you may want to have in terms of the size. It doesn’t hurt to ask.
  • Second, have an expert mechanic check on the steering wheel of the vehicle. It might be angled at a position where your shoulders are the ones that are required to flex instead of your pelvis. Ad adjustable lumbar support should help keep the pain off your back.
  • Third, if you don’t feel comfort while driving your car for the first time, it is best to take it back to the manufacturer. Ask them to make some adjustments on the gear or the height of the chair. It is important to always drive with comfort and ease to help prevent making the wrong turn and getting the car in an accident. Moreover, driving in comfort helps keep one from suffering from unwanted back pains.
  • Lastly, the usual wear and tear of the car can also cause back pains, especially when the interior of the car is not like how it used to be. Keeping the interior clean helps prevent the signs of wear and tear over time. At KevianClean, we make sure that your interiors are clean and protected from unwanted effects of harsh chemicals in car cleaning materials.

How do you avoid driving back pain. It is pretty simple. Keep your back straight and driver right through.

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