Different Types of Leather Car Seats

Don’t know what to do with your old and tattered fabric seat cover? Well, it might be time for you to retire them. A torn and dirty seat cover is not only unattractive but unhygienic too. However, if you don’t like people asking to carpool with you, keeping your ancient and smelly car seat may be the quickest way to turn off your passengers.

Of course, when you deep clean your car, you’ll want to change your covers. Now, if you’re thinking of upgrading your seat cover, you may want to consider investing in a leather material. Leather seats are quite popular among car owners. It significantly transforms the interior of any car into an upscale and sophisticated style.  

Here are some of the most commonly used leather car seat covers in the market.

  1. Top Coated – This is the most commonly used material for leather seats. A top coated leather provides a smooth and fluid look. However, it doesn’t have the natural markings and imperfections of a real leather, especially since the surface is coated for added protection.
  1. Aniline – This is one of the best quality leathers used in vehicles. Luxury cars often use aniline leather seats to add elegance to their interior. You can feel its natural texture along with its smooth and flat grain surface. Since it is mostly coated with a transparent finish, you can clearly see the marks and impurities of the leather.
  1. Nubuck – This type of leather looks similar to suede. A nubuck has a softer texture but it has the most sensitive surface and is easily prone to scratches and stains. Thus, it requires more attention when it comes to maintenance.
  1. Synthetic – Leather can be expensive, especially the real ones. If you’re not ready to shell out some extra cash, you may opt to buy a synthetic leather seat cover. Technically, a synthetic cover is an imitation of a real leather.

It is actually made of plastic but designed to look like leather. On a positive note, an imitation leather is actually durable. Plus, it comes in different colors to match the theme of your car.

  1. Vegetable-tanned – This type of leather is used for high-end luxury cars. In fact, only a handful of vehicle use this material including the Rolls Royce Phantom.

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