Car Systems That Require Maintenance

You have loads of options when it comes to servicing your car, SUV, truck, jeep, van, and what-have-you. To be more specific, you can go to any roadside repair shop nearest you or an independent repair facility.

You can also go to a franchised or chain repair facility or an auto dealership if you have the dough. However, most motorists want to search for the cheapest option possible unless they're part of the one percent who wants only the best for their sports cars.

Regardless, you should know which systems require servicing and maintenance before bothering to go to any facility or repair center.

Car Systems and Parts for Preventive Maintenance

There are systems within your vehicle that requires preventive maintenance. They include the following:

Tires: You need to go to repair shops or even gas stations to make sure you have the right tire pressure for your vehicle. Ditto when it comes to getting the tires rotated on a regular basis. The specs for your tires should be found on the doorjamb or your car manual. If all else fails, just type in the recommended specs for your make and model of car through the Internet.

Wheel Alignment: Check the alignment of your wheels annually. Your mechanic should know about it. Your tires shouldn't be pointed inward or outward too much, especially if they're the four-wheel drive variety since that can alter the maneuverability of your vehicle.

Wires and Spark Plug Replacement: Check the manufacturer specifications for your spark plugs and wiring. Copper tip plugs tend to last for 30,000 miles. As for the life expectancy of iridium and platinum tip plugs, they can go for 100,000 miles. However, your mileage may vary from model to model or from usage.

Filters: Like with the filters for your A/C, you should have all filters (like your cabin air filter, air filter, fuel filter, and PCV valve filter) replaced at least once annually. To ignore them is to induce potential blockages that will make their operation less than satisfactory.

Fuel Injectors and Throttle Body Injectors: Go to a trustworthy mechanic and have these injectors inspected and cleaned at least every 2 years. This will ensure you better gas mileage when push comes to shove.

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