Car Cleaning the Old Fashioned Way

With so many advancements in technology through the years, there are a good number of menial tasks that have turned automatic and hassle free, including car cleaning. Of course there are a good number of advantages when it comes to cleaning your vehicle through a drive and wash, but for those who are very particular with the overall cleanliness of their car, there is nothing far better than going through with it the old fashioned way. Here are a few of the many reasons you should reconsider cleaning your vehicle by hand.

Better Aesthetic Control

Of course going through a mechanized car wash facility has its own perks, especially in terms of convenience and ease, but the at times what it does is mostly in relation to the general clean of your vehicle and not too much on the special aesthetics of shininess of the paint or even the overall look of your vehicle. When you take your car washing into your own working hands, you have a better control on how to bring out a better shine on the paint or even enhance the other parts of the exteriors like the wheels and tires.

Checking for Damage or Repairs

Another useful reason to go the old fashioned way when you clean your car is the opportunity to see any possible damage that needs to be repaired, or parts that may need some replacement soon. Being able to hand wash your car will get you to see any possible scratches and other paint discolorations, plus you can also secure if the interiors are still doing great or if you need anything fixed up immediately.

Car Functions and Performance

Aside from seeing any possible damage and repair work on your car, being hands on with your vehicle will also help you become more familiar with the mechanical functions as well as delve into the normal level of performance that your car does. So in case any of your doors keep jamming, your car hood does not shut close or your trunk seems at a loose, you will be able to see these errors immediately and have it worked on by your mechanic.

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