Back to School Car Checklist

School is about to start and it’s important that you have the car checked before it gets busy getting the kids to and from school. It is important that the cars are in excellent condition to make it road safe and kid-safe too.

Regular maintenance contributes a lot to the savings that car owners get from driving their own cars. More than that, a road-worthy car also means safety and security for the little ones riding at the back seat.

So before school season starts, it is important that the car is checked. Here are the top things that you must look into:

  • Check the lights. The lights make everything visible especially surely harsh weather conditions. Whether it is the rain or the darkness of the night that you have to tread, it is best to have the lights working as smoothly as they should be. Remember that if you change one light bulb, its partner must be replaced too. It is only that way that you can make sure that they both product the amount of light that you need to clear the way.
  • Check the brakes. Are the brakes in good condition? Although the annual check-up of the brakes should be done and may have been completed, it is best to have it checked again before school starts. The brake is one of the most important safety features of the car that’s why you have to make sure that the brakes are functioning properly before you take it out of the road with the kids tucked in the back seat.
  • Check the tires. They may not be due for replacement yet but as soon as you see the early signs of wear and tear, it is best to consider having the tires realigned. Also, check if the tires have the right amount of air pressure in it. When it has more than enough air inside, it could cause the tires to burst, leaving you helpless in the middle of the road while the kids are with you.

When all of these major parts of the car have been checked, it is time to consider getting the car cleaned from inside out. Keeping the car clean helps keep the kids healthy and away from unwanted bacteria and viral infection.

Always choose to use cleaning agents that are made especially for your car. Detergent may be a popular choice, but not only does it cause damage to the car, but it could leave the car vulnerable to more damages.

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