5 Tools You MUST Have in Your Car Toolbox

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We can never predict what will happen, no matter how careful we are. This very much applies to driving, especially if you're going on a long drive. An emergency can happen at the time when you are most unprepared. If you're going to a place that doesn't have easy access to automotive shops and mechanics, you should have all of these tools in your car.

  • Jumper cables

What happens when you're driving in the middle of nowhere and your car battery suddenly dies? It will be a devastating experience, indeed! Jumper cables will help you jump start your battery so that you can get it started and drive it for a short distance. Hopefully you can find a gas station or any establishment nearby!

  • Screwdriver and socket set

Screwdrivers and sockets can come in handy in many ways, from opening and closing loosened screws to removing flat tires. These are definitely a must-have in every car, even if you're just driving a short distance.

  • Tire inflator and sealer

Sometimes, your tires can lose air and cause your car to move in a wobbly way. Other times, the spare tire that you've kept in your trunk for years has deflated. A tire inflator will help you get the proper tire pressure for safe and worry-free driving/

  • Car jack

Of course, you can't change your tire without a car jack! It would be very hard to do it. A car jack can also come in handy during emergencies and it can help you in ways you've never imagined.

  • Flashlight

Finally, a flashlight is the most essential tool you need, especially when you're driving at night. It's very difficult to see what's inside your engine if there's no direct light. You may also use a flashlight for seeking help, such as by waving it in the air like an SOS signal.

Although we all want to stay safe and comfy during our road trips, it's better to be prepared all the time. Avoid the hassle of being broken down and unable to get help. Finally, don't forget to always bring a spare phone battery or extra phone that you can use if your battery dies, so that you can seek help anytime you're in trouble.

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