Do You Follow Road Rules?

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Driving is a responsibility that everyone behind the wheel must perform. Without road rules, driving would just be a wild experience that can cause major damage to property and life.

If you're a regular driver, how good are you at following road rules? Here are some road rules to refresh your memory.

Do you....

1. Stop at the red light? Beating the red light is one of the biggest offenses on the road that can cause accidents, even deaths. Not only does it increase your chances of colliding with other vehicles, but it also makes you look very arrogant when on the road. You can also hit a pedestrian if you beat the red light at a pedestrian crossing.

2. Look at road signs eagerly? Road signs are there for a reason, not just for display. They provide information that you need so that the entire traffic system will work efficiently. If the sign says "One Way", don't bother driving the wrong way because you will just cause a major racket in the highway, and even collide with a vehicle going in the right direction.

3. Drive within the speed limit? Speed limits are also enforced for safety purposes, especially when driving in residential areas and places where there are a lot of pedestrians. If you are not on a highway, don't drive past 60 miles per hour. You should be especially careful when driving around schools, subdivisions, and commercial areas where a lot of people are walking by.

4. Follow traffic enforcers? Traffic enforcers help with the flow of traffic by telling motorists where to go. If they say stop, you have to stop, even if a street light says otherwise. Traffic enforcers are part of the local government law enforcement unit, and they have every right to tell you where to go and when. Don't get into an argument with a traffic official because you will definitely end up with a ticket.

5. Park properly? Parallel parking is a major problem in many areas where streets are quite narrow. Not only does it slow down the traffic, it also increases the risk of collisions because the drivers have to avoid the parked vehicles hogging up the road. Be responsible and park in proper parking areas!

If you follow all of these rules, then you are definitely a responsible driver! If not, it's time to change your ways on the road and be a better motorist.

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