5 Ways to Pimp your Ride in Style

A lot car, truck, or SUV owners are now customizing their vehicles in different ways. A pimped out ride gives your car a whole new personality. It becomes unique and one of a kind.

A nice and cool car can also boost the driver’s confidence. People instantly know who is driving the vehicle and a customized car usually turns heads on the streets. Here are some ways to customize your vehicle and keep it properly maintained.

1. Get a new set of wheels

This is one of the most visible ways to dress up your vehicle. Upgrade your stock wheels to a bigger, fancier, and shinier rims. There are a number of styles and colors to choose from to suit your needs.

When picking out your new rims, always makes sure that it properly fits your wheel size. If you are on a budget, there are some used and second-hand rims for sale that are quite decent. Just check the current condition of it and compare it to the price of a new set.

2. Crank up your stereo

Upgrade your stereo by installing better speakers. It will instantly improve the quality of your sound. Other options include installing an amplifier and a subwoofer. You can upgrade your sound system gradually.  

3. Change your steering wheel

A customized version of your steering wheel gives your car an extra oomph. You can choose a leather designed steering wheel. Just make sure you use the KevianClean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner to keep it looking shiny and brand new.

4. Tint your windows

Adding tint to your windows is one of most inexpensive ways of changing the look of your vehicle. Not only that it adds personality to your car but it also helps minimize the glare from the sun. A dark tint covers your valuables from potential car thieves.

Bear in mind, some cities do not allow heavy tint in the windows. Check with your local government if they have any rules on installing window tint.

5. Add a TV Screen

Install a TV or video screen in your car to keep your passengers entertained while you drive. Your passengers can watch their favorite movies or TV shows. You can even switch the channel to a karaoke mode so you can sing along with your friends while driving around town.

However, just make sure that this will not distract you from your driving. Always keep in mind that you and your passenger’s safety comes first above all.

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