5 Car Parts That Are Easily Damaged

Repairing damages probably is one of the things that car owners hate because it diminishes the beauty of the car, and at the same time, it would mean that you will need to spend more money on it just to restore it to how it really looks.

So it has been said that prevention is better than cure which is why as an owner, you should know these parts that are commonly damaged to make sure that you exert extra effort on taking care of it:

  • Front bumper. At about 28% of the time, bumpers are prone to damages even if you are driving at a normal speed. It may be able to handle scrapes of 5mph but once it is crashed, you surely would have to get your money ready.
  • Headlights. This is another car part that is expected to easily be damaged because it is usually made of glass or plastic. If a front-end impact is felt by the car, this would surely give up just like that.
  • Fenders. These may be able to sustain minor damages when it comes to squeezing into tight spots but when a side-end collision happens it usually gives up first. The likelihood of its occurrence is 21% which is about the same as the damages for headlights.
  • Grille. Although it is located at the front, it is less likely to get damaged as compared to headlights because,e before the car crashes, drivers will swerve the car thus avoiding the damage.
  • Hood. This is right in front of the car so it is expected that it is one of the parts that would be directly affected by any collision. This is also the part which is designed to absorb crashes whenever it happens. However, since it will most likely look unsightly after the accident, you surely would need to get the job done right away.

There really is nothing more frustrating than having your car damage but before you send it to any repair shops, make sure that you trust them and will be able to take care of your car while it is in its condition.

Besides, you wouldn’t want to waste your money on something that wouldn’t help to get back the car that was lost due to the collision or road accident that just happened. Cost and efficiency may be traded off at some point but if you are persistent, you may be able to find one that has both.

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