4 Things People Usually Forget When Cleaning Cars

It's the New Year and it's time to give attention to your car, even though it's in the middle of winter! Most people neglect the black trims on their windshield and car windows, taking them for granted even as they go from black to gray and deteriorate completely altogether.

You should pay attention to them by getting "forever black" dyes or pigment on them, polishing them like you would your leather shoes with shoe polish while reconditioning them at the same time.

Such products typically come with a cleansing solution for good measure. You should also invest in tire black polish and weatherproofing services to ensure the trims don't allow water inside your vehicle.

Do you forget these when cleaning your car?

  • Invest in Car Covers: There's nothing as frustrating as having your car cleaned, leaving it all nice and shiny, only for you to come back and see it full of dust and soot after a week's worth of driving or even a week's worth of it sitting inside your garage. This is why it's a boon to have the right size of car cover for your sedan or van. Car covers are quite cheap and they can easily be cleaned instead as they shield your car from dust accumulation.
  • Get Rid of Junk: It's a no-brainer to not leave garbage in your car but most people forget to do so or tend to showcase neglect when it comes to this front. You should at the very least empty all garbage items out of your car and into the dumpster with a handy plastic bag in tow. Don't stuff cigarette ashes in the ashtray, gum wrappers in every nook and cranny, old menus, scrap paper, flyers, posters, junk food bags, and so forth. You might forget where you put something, leading to litter inside your car.
  • Clean Your Car Interior Every Chance You Get: After emptying your back and front seat of any kind of garbage that can disturb your car's interior pleasantness, clean it every week or even every other day with a spray-on, environment-friendly solution like the greaseless but dust-shielding KevianClean Interior Defense. This way, your dashboard is free of dust, your ceiling is free of mildew and mold, and your door panels and trim are left as shiny as possible without any weird residue.
  • Become Organized: Even if you do everything outlined above but still remain disorganized in your placement of your car necessities, your car will still look like a mess. Keep your glove compartment neat and have everything, from the maps to the emergency flashlight within easy access. Don't stuff your flyers and newspaper in there either. Don't overfill your dashboard with GPS, cables, dashcam, smartphones, and device chargers either. Organize them like you would organize your electronics at home.

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