4 Car Surfaces to Clean Carefully

When cleaning up the inside of your car, it's important to remember that you're dealing with different surfaces. From vinyl to leather to plastic, you have to watch out which cleaning products you use on the interior of your vehicle.

You should make sure that your cleaner won't burn a hole or eat away at the material you're attempting to clean. If you're in doubt, then you should do a spot test of your cleaner on an inconspicuous area on the material.

If a stain or blemish happens, then don't use the cleaner. Thankfully, KevianClean Interior Defense is known for its multipurpose and multi-surface capabilities.

Interior Vehicular Surfaces to Watch Out For

  • Vinyl or Rubber: Soap and water is enough to clean up rubber or vinyl. These materials are low maintenance in general. If you have rubberized or vinyl floors on your car or truck, a bucket of soap water plus a brush or rag is enough. You can also use the ever-dependable KevianClean Interior Defense because it can be used on all sorts of surfaces without damaging any of them. To lift caking dirt, use a stiff-bristled brush to agitate and remove the dirt from textured vinyl.
  • Plastic: Most car consoles and dashboards are typically made of a combination of plastic with a mix of leather and/or vinyl upholstery. In order to clean plastic in your car, usually a combination of soap water and a rag or microfiber towel is enough to do the job. KevianClean Interior Defense is also specifically formulated in order to clean up even the greasiest of plastic parts without melting or damaging its surface because it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals.
  • Leather: Leather is different from vinyl because if you don't take care of it, it will easily deteriorate and dry out. This is because natural leather that's not pleather (plastic molded in the shape of leather) is actual dried animal hide with pores and all, so it can rot if not maintained properly. It's highly recommended that you apply KevianClean Leather Cleaner and some sort of leather conditioner product on your leather upholstery and leather seats in order to maintain their quality and suppleness.
  • Carpet and Floor Mat Material: A good place to start cleaning is the floor mats and carpets. They're usually the dirtiest part of your car. Sometimes, it's best to clean the carpet last. This way, if your seats and dash are especially dirty, you won't have to redo cleaning your carpet. Usually, you need to vacuum the carpet after removing any large litter like wrappers and papers. Also, the way you approach mat and carpet cleanup depends on whether they're made of fabric, rubber, or a combination of the materials.

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