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Easy Tips Before Road Trips

  Summer Time is Car Time When the summer time comes by a lot of us imagine cruising down the road with a top down car and just enjoying the sun and the wind in our hair, but sometimes the reality can be far from the dream, especially since the road conditions are often not that ideal at times. To keep an enjoyable and fun filled summer vacation with friends and family it is of utmost importance to keep our vehicle well maintained and to double and even triple check if everything is running perfectly before we go on a...

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Customizing Your Car Interior

It’s really nice to look at a car from the outside — the tires, the body paint, and all the accessories it sports. But, at some point of your life, you would come to realize that it’s not just about the exterior appearance. What’s inside also matters. When we talk about our car’s interior, we may often think about our car seats and their covers. However, there’s more to our car interior than just seats. Some of the vital but often disregarded parts of the car interior include floor mats, steering wheels, and even the windows. Here are some tips...

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