Wipe Your Car Ceiling Clean the Green Way

Usually, the default method of cleaning your oft-neglected car ceiling is to wipe them with special cleaning agents or upholstery cleaners in case your ceiling is upholstered with vinyl or leather.

However, some motorists want a more natural and eco-friendly way to go about vehicular cleanup. You can do that with known eco-friendly products such as KevianClean Interior Defense.

Or you can remove the stains made of grease from the ceiling of your car with a mixture of vinegar and water. The vinegar acts as the light acid that loosens up the stains of your ceiling while the water serves to water it down so it doesn't react to your ceiling upholstery too negatively (vinegar is still an acid albeit a weak one).

Wiping Ceilings Naturally

  • Natural Grease Stain Removal: A mixture of 3 parts water and 1 part distilled white vinegar is the sour acid you need to get rid of grease stains effectively and naturally without severely ruining your ceiling upholstery. It's particularly effective in cleaning up your headliner without affecting the laminate and glue that attached the fabric to the ceiling of your car. Just saturate a rag or cloth with the mixture then rub the grease stain away.
  • Not Yet Done? Wait for It to Dry: After wiping your car's ceiling off of grease and dirt, you should wait for it to dry before applying more vinegar water or the eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner known as KevianClean Interior Defense. This is all for the sake of keeping the wet glue from detaching the headliner fabric, since more cleaner or mixture can spell doom for your headliner's attachment to your car ceiling. Do this after every application until everything is clean.
  • Orange Oil or Freshener: If your ceiling has an odor to it, you can freshen up the stench with a bottle of orange oil or some sort of air freshener. These products assist in masking the smell until it dissipates naturally. To remove it, you should use activated charcoal and clean the car regularly with the right cleaning products so that the source of the smell is cleaned out. The charcoal itself acts as an absorber of unpleasant smells from your headliner, including stale or rotting food or cigarette smoke.
  • Don't Overdo the Air Freshener: Use just enough air freshener. Don't saturate the fabric that your ceiling is made of with it. There are certain products of this type that contain harsh chemicals. These ingredients can eat away the headliner's fabric glue keeping the whole thing together on the ceiling. You shouldn't overdo your air-freshening either if you have severe allergies or conditions like asthma.

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