Why Invest in Leather Cleaners?

Leather is one of the most sophisticated materials used for your car seats. It's because it's both tough and comfortable, which outside of a few other fabrics is a paradoxical thing to achieve.

It's also used in quite a lot of furniture, which in turn creates a classy, modern ambiance and further highlights why it's the material of choice for many a car seat.

Its untold class aside that instantly dresses up any furniture it's used on it's also quite tough on human sweat and even accidental urination from pets or the baby. It's the ideal car seat or couch material since it's easy to clean. Usually, you just need to wipe it off clean with KevianClean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner and you're through.

Why Leather Cleaners Are a Smart Investment

  • Careful Maintenance Is Key: Although leather is easy to clean it has its limits against abuse and misuse. If you don't clean it everyday, sooner or later it will lose its moisture and become less supple. This appealing fabric for upholstery and decoration still needs regular careful maintenance to extend its life or else your car seat will become as expendable as toilet paper. To retain leather integrity, you should regularly clean the seat and don't let dust mix with moisture or sweat.
  • Conditioners Aren't Just For Hair: To keep your vehicle's leather seats and interior leather upholstery smooth and tear-free, you should consistently use conditioner on them. With that said, you should clean them first before applying conditioner. It's the same way when you condition your hair, it should be cleaned up first or else the conditioner and dirt will only mix, caking unto the material and damaging it further rather than keeping its integrity safe.
  • Leather Cleaners That Are Also Protectors: Your leather cleaner of choice should be safe on the leather. Cleaners that are harsh, have bleach in them, or create too much residue can do more harm than good on your leather. The best ones double as protectors or can leave a protective wax-like or sealant-like film over your leather that serves as a second skin against future dustiness or fast food spills. This Saran Wrap of protection will keep the leather as fresh and new as freshly picked vegetables from your garden.
  • Treating Leather's Unique Elements: When investing in a leather cleaner, you should get one that understands how to treat leather's unique elements, like preservation of its emollient oils or making sure its surface is supple since all natural leather is simply just the skin and hide of animals turned into upholstery material. If you're not careful with them they'll degrade and rot like any other carbon-based thing.


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