Wheel and Tire Cleaner Shopping Guide

Wheel cleaners like KevianClean Wheel Cleaner are products that are mostly used on the metal part of your wheels. While they're effective in getting rid of brake dust or bonded contaminants on the steel portion of your wheels, you need to look for 2-in-1 wheel and tire cleaners or a separate tire cleaner/tire black product in order to take care of the threads of your tires as well.

With that in mind, what should you search for when it comes to wheel cleaners anyway? The best ones are those who can clean all types of wheels and rims as well as tires. You also want the ones with rubber protectors or protectants in order to keep your wheels' lifespan as long as possible.

Pointers When Searching for Wheel and Tire Cleaners

  • Designed to Be Better Than Ordinary Cleaners: How do you know that a product is designed to be better than the average cleaner? You want something more than a little better than using your carwash shampoo on your wheels and tires to clean them, since you're bothering to buy a separate cleaner for these specific parts. To be more specific, you should go for products that are proven to be 100% safe on plastic-dipped, polished, painted, clearcoated, aluminum, and chrome rims.
  • The Virtues of Environment Friendliness: Products like the KevianClean Wheel Cleaner are in much demand because unlike cheap products that can harm the environment, this cleaner is 100% USA-made and environment-friendly. What this means is that it's a high-quality product that's pH-balanced, non-toxic, residue-free, and acid-free. Most importantly, this wheel cleaner is quite good at brake dust removal without damaging or staining your wheels when push comes to shove.
  • The Anti-Corrosion Kit: Your wheel cleaner should basically be an anti-corrosion kit since most wheels are made of steel that corrodes due to its iron composition. Even aircraft-grade aluminum rims and hubs tend to wear out easier by the grittiness of rocks and road salt if left unclean for a long period of time. Rust can happen really fast care of brake dust and road salt mixed with moisture from the snow. For the plastic components of your wheel, be wary of mold.
  • Cleaning and Weatherproofing Products: Aside from getting environment-friendly cleaners like KevianClean Wheel Cleaner that safely cleans your rims and hubcaps with amazing precision and zero residue, you should also search for cleaners capable of weatherproofing your wheels. A good wheel and tire cleaner should help eliminate sticky winter grime and harmful road salt while at the same time make the whole wheel more resilient to inclement weather changes.


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