What your Car Exhaust Smoke is Telling You

There are easy ways to tell if your car has certain problems. You can quickly diagnose if you feel, hear, smell or see something that isn’t supposed to be there. If your engine is experiencing problems, you can check and pay attention to the color of the smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe.

Try to be observant and notice if something feels off. If your car is blowing off too much smoke then it may be a sign of an engine problem. It can either be a minor setback such as changing the air filter or it can be a more serious issue such as a crack in the engine block. Whichever it may be, make sure you bring your car to a professional mechanic for a proper diagnosis.

A smoke may mean different things. Also, the duration of the smoke emitting from your car can also determine if your engine is having issues. Normally, the smoke goes away once the car engine warms up.

Here are some quick ways to identify the problems caused by your exhaust smoke.

  1. White SmokeA heavy white smoke that lingers on long after you’ve started your car engine may mean several things. It can be caused by a leak in your coolant. If your coolant reaches the combustion chamber, then you should address this problem immediately. Otherwise, it may cause your car to overheat. Another cause may be due to a damaged head gasket or a damaged cylinder.
  1. Blue Smoke – A blue or gray smoke means that you are burning your engine oil. If your valve seals leak oil into the combustion chamber, your car will experience poor mileage or rough idle. Make sure you immediately ask your mechanic to check it out. A burning oil is always a sign of trouble.
  1. Black Smoke – A black smoke is telling you that you are running high on your air-fuel mixture. If the ratio of your fuel reaches more than the normal level, it causes the black smoke.

A leak in your fuel injector or a clogged air filter can cause the fuel level to go high. Another culprit may be due to a faulty sensor or a bad fuel pressure.

If you experience a heavy or colored exhaust smoke from your pipes, then you should bring it immediately to an auto repair service and have it checked immediately. Always bring a KevianClean Auto Detailing Towel to wipe off and clean any oil residue in your engine.

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