What to Look for in Wheel Cleaners

One of the most important things you have to when it comes to automobile cleanup is taking care of the wheels. After all, the wheels are collectively one of the most important parts of the car. You'll go nowhere fast without them, no matter how full your fuel tank is or how fast your car can accelerate.

Forgetting to clean your wheels is like forgetting to wash your sweaty feet. Even if you've bathed completely, as long as your feet are filthy, you're not truly through with your cleanup.

You also need to be careful when purchasing wheel cleaners and tire cleaners. Depending on your situation, you can either avail of an all-in-one wheel and tire cleaner, standalone wheel cleaner, or standalone tire cleaner.

The Point of Regular Maintenance

  • Wheel Aesthetics and Function: The point of regular maintenance of wheels is equal parts appearance and utility. The best cleaners are capable of bringing your the shine in your rims while removing embedded debris like dust, dirt, road salts, brake dust, and roadkill. Aside from making your wheels look brand new, regular cleanup is also necessary in order to stave off gradual deterioration and avoid permanent damage. A little studious cleaning everyday can go a long way.
  • Heavy Duty Cleanup for Tires: Tires are in regular contact with the filthiest parts of streets. Because these rubber covers for wheels are made to be heavy duty, such that they don't easily buckle under pressure, they in turn require some heavy-duty cleaning to avoid dry rotting as well as remove asphalt, road salt, and so forth. The motorist should be able to take care of these tires, from washing to putting on tire black on them, until they're damaged, in which case a vulcanizing shop should take care of them instead.
  • The Right Stuff and Tools: You need the right tools in order to complete the cleaning process on both your wheels' rims and tires. This can include something as simple as your KevianClean Wheel Cleaner to other tools like a stiff brush for the wheel well, a soft brush for mags and aluminum hubs and rims, and foaming cleaners to capture and rinse away the brake dust without scratching the finish of your wheels. These tools are specifically developed to restore your wheels to their original factory look.
  • The Hallmarks of a Good Wheel and Tire Cleaner: You should probably get pro-level cleaners or cleaners used by the professionals themselves in case you're dealing with heavy damage to your wheels or you want to err on the side of caution when it comes to maintaining them. The best products for heavy-duty pro-level cleaning and detailing are typically two products integrated into one, like a shampoo integrated with a conditioner or a protective wax of sorts. A standalone product is enough for regular maintenance.

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