Waxing Tips for the Ultimate Shine

A wax job for a car is a lot less painful than a Brazilian one you're getting down under for sure. However, it can get as painful as a Bikini Wax if you're clueless in how to properly use it to the point of sabotaging your efforts and defeating the purpose of getting a wax in the first place.

According to interviews from highly rated auto detailers, the clearcoat of your car can end up breaking down if you fail to occasionally apply wax such as KevianClean Quick Wax or some other similar protectant to the exterior finish.

Once the clearcoat layer is gone, your paint can end up peeling and bubbling, then the metal underneath becomes exposed to oxidation as well as road salt, resulting in its full destruction. 

Don't Be Neglectful and Have Presence of Mind

  • Washing Isn't Enough: Although waxing has seemed to go by the wayside since the 1980s with the dawn of the clearcoat paint so that washing with products like KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo is enough to maintain showroom shine, motorists who are smart with their money know that it's an even more worthwhile to invest in waxes. UV rays road debris, tree sap, bug guts, and more can make short work of the clearcoat and the paint underneath it.
  • Auto Waxing Is Different from Polishing: Polishing is what you do after cleaning your car. After the dirt is removed, it's now safe to rub polishing cream over it until it shines and sparkles. It shouldn't be mistaken with waxing, which is what you do to seal in the polished, finished product and protect it from going dull. The proper stages of getting your car cleaned up should be cleaning, then polishing, then waxing in that order.
  • How Often Should You Wax? Polish? Clean? You should wax your car every three months for the best results. If the area where you live is snowy, then you should wax your car before the snow season starts. If you live in a temperate or hot area, then you should wax your car before the summer happens in order to protect your paint from the UV rays of the sun. Don't work in the sun or rain. Polishing is only required when you notice trouble spots. Clean your car every week or two.
  • How to Use an Electric Car Polisher: You shouldn't buff too much with an electric car polisher. Don't leave the buffer in one place for too long. It can wear down the paint, leaving you with more expenses instead of savings. You should also use thin coats of wax instead of caking it on the vehicle. Ditto when it comes to polishing cream. Any patches of grease or dirt you've missed will be sealed in by your wax until the next waxing, so be thorough.


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